Our Services


Our engineering designs provide cost-effective and standard-compliant fiber network solutions to ensure efficiency and sustainability by foreseeing institutional growth.

Well designed and installed network inspires sustainability and efficiency and with the growth of internet connectivity, many institutions are scaling higher their network demands to combine voice, data, and video solutions

Electrical Engineering

Shortpath is specialized in providing solutions through construction, design, commissioning, installation, site management and maintenance, and refurbishment of substations.

We offer services in the installation of electrical equipment including power distribution transformers, control and protection panels, as well as cabling services for both low and high voltage distribution networks

Civil Engineering

Shortpath Solutions provides sustainable solutions through site planning, civil and site engineering, and utility services and infrastructure.

We provide efficient and productive utility services with the ability to fit the needs of a society to sustain and boost economic growth while considering the sustainable nature of the systems to support the environment.  

Internet related solutions

Hotspot setup/ Hotspot management (Billing) Set Up

Do you run a Hotel, Apartment, café, washing bay, Entertainment centre or media center; We have the capability to supply and install a hotspot environment to your premises to make your business revenues increase

Wireless set up

Where it is not cost effective or desirable to install fixed data cabling, or if you just want the freedom away from a fixed network connection, Shortpath Solutions have the capability to supply and install various wireless infrastructures both internally and externally to your premises

PBX ( Private Branch Exchange Server) Setup Services

We offers PBX setup services, which allow organizations to set up extensions, customer management systems, auto-attendants, call redirects and more to route calls within and out of your organization.

ICT Services

Hardware & Software Support

We specialize in the installation of all types of hardware including PC’s, notebooks, servers, and printers, networking equipment from practically any manufacturer 

Internet Installation

We offer Aerial, Satellite and Fiber installation and maintenance services to customers that use satellite for either TV or Internet/Phone.  We also provide VSAT installations

Server Administration

We offer high quality server administration services for clients ranging from simple personal websites to the domains which run on heavy databases.

Network Support

We offer a remote and on-site solution which allows businesses to have full access to the skills of a network manager, but without the usual expense.

Fiber To The Home Solutions

We have developed a unique solution for developers and home owners – a standards-based open access Optical Fiber Infrastructure

ISP Technical Support

We have an extensive knowledge of the issues that arise from customers of Internet Service Providers.

Business Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

We provide a market-leading integrated solution that enables your team to have a holistic view of your organization’s performance.

Human Resource Management (HRM) System

our HRM system enables your HR department to swiftly manage all the workforce by forming an environment that aid different level of expertise and enhance the spirit of continuous learning as well as progress

Asset Management

Our Asset Management solution provides all the functionality you need, including customizable reports, check in/out, printing & scanning barcodes

Project Management Solution

Our solution spans from technical expertise in resolving varying hitches on projects as well as service based projects due to bugs and/or errors from users

Digital Services

Cloud Services

Managed Solutions

Cyber Security

Security Monitoring


Advanced Threat Protection

Shortpath Secure Remote Access

Shortpath Cloud Protection

Internet of Things (IoT

Data Loss Prevention